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Skoltech and the Kommersant publishing house have launched a joint media project, “The Horizons of Physics”, involving world-famous physicists.

The new project is aimed at popularizing cutting-edge research in various fields of physics, the latest scientific achievements of world-renowned Russian and foreign scientists, as well as the amazing physical phenomena that could in future fundamentally change people’s perception of the world. The organizers are Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) and the socio-political magazine, Ogonek (Kommersant Publishing House).

The first piece was published on the Kommersant website ( on October 1, 2018. Vladimir Zakharov, a Russian physicist and academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, explains the origin of rogue waves, why scientists cannot learn to predict the weather, and why it is not possible to distribute resources equally.

There are many interesting things in physics – it was interesting 50 years ago, and it is even more interesting now. The things we study today will not only raise the level of our understanding of nature, but will make people different”, says Valery Rubakov, an Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a Principal Research Scientist of the Institute for Nuclear Research at RAS, Head of MSU Faculty of Physics, and member of the Skoltech Academic Council.


Society should know what scientists are working on today, and scientists should popularize their research and educate society. Scientific and educational media projects are the most efficient way to achieve these goals“, says Ildar Gabitov, a Skoltech professor.

This is to be a one-year project and will bring together more than 15 leading physicists. Publications under the title “The Horizons of Physics” will appear monthly in the special section of Ogonek magazine. The SkolTech YouTube channel will broadcast the most interesting episodes, and upon completion of the project, the organizers intend to publish a photo album.

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