Terminators by Google: powers, weaknesses and prospects of artificial intelligence

Does playing a game of “Go” have anything in common with identifying a cat in an image? Apparently it does, for in either case human intelligence is outcompeted by artificial intelligence (AI). Skoltech researcher, Alexey Zaytsev, will reflect on whether there is a reason for over-hyping AI and its most popular variety (deep neural networks) that are able to control self-driving cars, make paintings and compose music; meanwhile, AI still has to be programmed anew for each particular task. Will it be possible to create a universal, multi-task tool that will ultimately beat human intelligence?


1200h630_1202Visit the lecture to get an answer to this question and learn more about this hot topic.

The lecture will be given in Russian at Zaryadye Park Lecture Center on January 29, 2019 at 7 p.m.


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