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#SkoltechZaryadye: Can artificial intelligence replace doctors?

Vinod Khosla, Silicon Valley’s major venture investor, believes that by 2035, all human doctors will be replaced by robots. Can he be right? There is every indication that he can: today, machine learning systems are producing stunning results in image recognition and processing techniques which are widely used in X-ray, MRI, ECG and ultrasound tests that amount to 90% of all the medical data. AI-based solutions trained on thousands of medical images can diagnose 50 eye diseases with nearly 100% accuracy and outperform qualified doctors in detecting diabetes based on a retinal image.


Join the lecture by Skoltech Professor Mikhail Belyaev to find out where robots can fully replace humans or operate as an assistant handling routine tasks, such as initial data processing and analysis. The lecturer will share some success stories displaying the synergy of human and artificial intelligence in diagnosing various diseases, including brain pathology. 

Mikhail Belyaev, Professor at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and an AI and ML expert with a ten-year track record. Prior to joining Skoltech, Belyaev worked at DATADVANCE where he was involved in the development of customized data analysis algorithms for Airbus, Toyota, Areva and other companies. He has been specializing in the analysis of medical data and primarily, data on human brain-related pathologies, since 2015.

Suitable for 16+

The lecture will be given in Russian at Zaryadye Park Lecture Center on March 26, 2019 at 7 p.m.


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