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Skoltech and D. I. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology launch together a bachelor program to educate students in the fields of modern Materials Science and Energy Science and Technology

The collaboration between D. I. Mendeleev University and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology has brought about the creation of a unique education program for bachelor students, “Materials for energy conversion and storage.” This program is aligned with the current development trends in chemistry, physics and materials science, while following the successful experience of the best Russian and international universities. Students graduating from the program are expected to become professionals leading the transition of generated scientific knowledge to the development of innovative technologies, thus solving the most crucial problems faced by the Russian Federation and the rest of the world.

The sustainable development of 21st century society requires urgent solutions for a number of global problems in the fields of energy and environmental science. One of the biggest challenges for our country and the rest of the world is terminating the uncontrollable combustion of fossil fuels (hydrocarbons and coal) and transitioning towards environmentally friendly energy generation technologies, conversion, transportation and storage. An urgent need for such evolution is dictated by both the catastrophic consequences of global climate change and the fast depletion of the (hydro) carbon feedstocks required for the chemical industry.

Responding to these global challenges, Skoltech and D. I. Mendeleev University collaborated to develop and launch a new bachelor program, “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage.” The main mission of this joint project between the two universities will be educating students and preparing highly qualified bachelors in the fields of advanced materials science, who are expected to make a solid contribution to the implementation of renewable energy sources and the development of breakthrough solutions for energy conversion and storage. The most successful graduates will continue their education at Skoltech while being enrolled in MS and, later, PhD programs.

“We offer to the students a brand new bachelor program, “Materials for energy conversion and storage,” which is truly unique. While developing this program, we were relying on the successful experience of leading western universities such as Stanford, Harvard, CalTech, etc., combined with the best traditions of Russian fundamental education in natural sciences. Students will be exposed to a balanced set of disciplines relevant to chemistry, physics, math and materials sciences, which will be taught by the best Russian and international faculty members. A specially designed education schedule is of particular importance, which will allow students to start their real research experience from the very first education year, thus boosting their professional career,” commented Prof. Keith Stevenson, the Provost of Skoltech.

Prof. Valery F. Traven, the head of department at D. I. Mendeleev University, also shared his opinion: “Skoltech and D. I. Mendeleev University have been collaborating since 2016 when we founded a joint center for experimental studies of organic materials for energy and electronics, which serves as a platform to perform course and diploma projects of students from both universities. Launching a new bachelor program brings our cooperation to a much more advanced level. We’ve had a good opportunity for creating the most comfortable atmosphere for talented students to facilitate their professional career development. Since less than 10-20 students are enrolled annually at the new education program, every student can experience an individual approach within his or her study. More than half of the courses are specially designed for our program and are unique within Russia and abroad. The content of standard courses was also reconsidered and upgraded to match international standards and the current level of global science and technology development. The education process will be mainly in English, following modern international standards, while international faculty members will teach some courses. From their first year of study at university, the students will be deeply involved in cutting-edge scientific research and innovation activities mainly in the fields of materials science and renewable energies, while having access to unique equipment and facilities at Skoltech laboratories and the joint research center at D. I. Mendeleev University. All these strengths of the new program make it the most attractive for students who want to have a brilliant career in science and innovation. Among such students we see winners of national and international Olympiads and contests for junior research projects.”

The enrollment has been open since June 20. The candidates should submit their document packages for admission and study on the new bachelor program, “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage.” The selection is based on the results of the State Exams in chemistry, math and Russian language. You can find more details at the D. I. Mendeleev University website ( or directly at the university Admissions Office.


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