Professor Tsetserukou Gives Talk on Haptic and Tactile Displays at AVRA Days Forum


Photo: Professor Dzmitry Tsetserukou presenting at AVRA Days Forum.

Professor Dzmitry Tsetserukou (Skoltech Space Center) recently presented at the AVRA Days Forum, the biggest AR/VR conference in Russia. The focus of the event is on the effectiveness of AR/VR/AI/5G technologies for business.

It took place over the course of two days from November 26-27, with 50 leading experts from Russia and international companies in attendance; 30 projects with advanced AR/VR/AI were on display, with expertise on how to best adopt these technologies. The event attracted over 1500 guests.

Professor Tsetserukou’s presentation,“History of Haptic and Tactile Displays,” went into the background of the technology that underlies his and his team’s more recent project, “TouchVR.” Developed by Daria Trinitatova of the Skoltech Space Center (SSC) under Professor Tsetserukou’s supervision as scientific adviser, the paper, “TouchVR: a Wearable Haptic Interface for VR Aimed at Delivering Multi-modal Stimuli at the User’s Palm,” was recently accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2019, where the team successfully demonstrated the device.

TouchVR is a novel wearable haptic interface that can deliver multimodal tactile stimuli on the palm by DeltaTouch haptic display and vibrotactile feedback on the fingertips by way of vibration motors for the virtual reality (VR) user. This means that the device stimulates the user’s fingertips and palm using vibration technology, simulating weight, slippage (a ball slipping from the palm, for example), softness and texture. It offers the user greater realism in a simulator or in a video game. VR is an up-and-coming technology, particularly in the video games industry, where VR is the next big thing.

You can watch Professor Tsetserukou’s full presentation in the video below:

Check out TouchVR in action:

For more about the AVRA Days Forum, see promotional video.

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