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Two Skoltech Students Win the “Young Russian Mathematics 2019” Contest

Five postgraduates and six young scientists from Russia, including two PhD students from Skoltech, became winners and were awarded research grants at the “Young Russian Mathematics 2019” contest. 

A follow-on to the Pierre Deligne competition (2005-2009) and Dmitry Zimin’s Foundation’s Dynasty competition (2006-2014), the annual Young Russian Mathematics contest is a joint undertaking of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) and Basis Foundation, with additional financial support coming from the personal funds of Dmitry Zimin, Pierre Deligne, Alexander Gerko, Anton Murashov, Amir Aliev, and other sponsors.

Selected specifically for the contest and independently from universities or institutions, the jury is co-chaired by the outstanding Belgian mathematician, Pierre Deligne, and President of the Moscow Mathematical Society and Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Victor Vasiliev. The jury is composed of world-renowned mathematicians and scientists, including Skoltech professors, Sergey Lando and Igor Krichever.

“Young Russian Mathematics 2019 features ambitious research projects that the jury evaluates in terms of relevance for a specific area of ​​mathematics and the contestant’s problem-solving potential, in much the same way as at other mathematical competitions,” says Professor Igor Krichever, a jury member and Director of the Skoltech Center of Advanced Studies (CAS). “Most postgraduates tend to choose a project topic related to their supervisor’s area of research. Sadly, the outcome of the 2019 competition seems to suggest that supervisors coming from cities other than Moscow, St. Petersburg and, perhaps, a couple other cities with a strong mathematical tradition, lack expertise that would enable their students to excel in their mathematical research, although I’m not sure that my conclusion is fair enough. Also, the best students choose to continue their studies in the cities mentioned above or even abroad, and this is a worrying fact in itself. On the bright side, the projects coming from those cities are of high quality.” 

The contest features a “Support Program for Postgraduates and Young Scientists with a(n) (Under)graduate Degree” (Program 1) and a “Support Program for Young Scientists with a Candidate of Sciences or Doctor of Sciences Degree” (Program 2). Every participant is supposed to present a 3-year research project to the jury. The winners are awarded 3-year grants split into monthly amounts of 30,000 and 40,000 rubles for the winners of Programs 1 and 2, respectively. The competition terms and conditions are presented on the website of the Moscow Center for Continuing Mathematical Education.

This year, the winners are Ilya Vilkoviskiy (Skoltech), Mark Dorodny, Pavel Osipov, Arseny Sagdeev, and Mykola Semenyakin (Skoltech) in Program 1 and Yakov Verevkin, Mikhail Gabdullin, Andrey Druzhinin, Elena Kirshanova, Egor Kosov, and Andrey Lavrenov in Program 2.

“I am particularly pleased that Ilya Vilkoviskiy and Mykola Semenyakin of Skoltech are among the five winners of the competition for postgraduates and young scientists. I’d like to congratulate them and wish them further success,” said Professor Krichever.

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