Artificial Intelligence: here comes smart farming

People first domesticated plants over 10,000 years ago, marking the first agricultural revolution followed later by another five. Right now we are witnessing a new breakthrough, brought about by artificial intelligence (AI).


Along with largely enhancing the product quality, AI makes agriculture more efficient. Advanced technology providing early detection of plant pests and diseases is already mature enough for farmers to cut down on pesticides and, therefore, save costs and cultivate eco-friendly products.

Using computers and sensors in crop farming no longer appears as a sci fi idea. What is AI? Where and how is it used in agriculture? Where can you find simple tools capable of saving your entire garden or farm?

Maria Pukalchik is a PhD in Biology and Assistant Professor at the Skoltech Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE).

Admission is limited, so make sure to register in advance.


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