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Skoltech at Technopark: lecture by Petr Prokofiev “Economic implications of 5G”

Skoltech at Technopark is a series of science education lectures hosted by the Skolkovo Technopark Lecture Center. Created jointly with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, the lectures will focus on the world-changing science, technology, innovation, and business topics presented by Skoltech faculty and researchers at the country’s best Technopark. 


Quite unexpectedly, 5G has given rise to conspiracy theories, causing people around the world to burn down 5G towers and suspect major corporations of dubious schemes. Yet, nothing seems to prevent 5G from gaining the upper hand over older technologies. Telecom hardware vendors and operators keep looking for ways to make wireless data transfer even faster.

How come 5G has spawned so many myths? Why does 5G evoke discussions about the advancement of business and economy and not faster Internet access? Will 5G create new growth points for the Russian economy?

To get answers to these and other questions, join us at the lecture by Petr Prokofiev.

Petr Prokofiev, deputy director of Skoltech’s NTI Center of Excellence in Wireless Technologies (WT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), has 15 years’ experience in bringing innovative solutions to the telecom industry and managing investment projects. He led the campaign to actualize frontier solutions at MegaFon and its MegaLabs subsidiary, directed Rostelecom’s venture project department and implemented predictive analytics solutions for major local and global industry players. 


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