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Sber and Skoltech team up to create a medical AI ecosystem

Sber Group and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) have signed a deal to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem for Russian healthcare. The SberMedII company established last summer will act as the ecosystem operator. Skoltech’s research expertize and SberBank’s cloud-based engineering infrastructure will be combined in a powerful technological platform for healthcare services, providing developers with access to a unique collection of well-structured medical data and cutting-edge data processing algorithms and tools.

Sber and Skoltech’s joint effort has resulted in one of Russia’s largest libraries of applications and datasets for medical decision-making. Skoltech’s NTI CoBrain Analytics project (2016-2020) is a major contributor to the database.

The medical solutions integrated in the platform run the gamut from fluorographic and X-ray image analysis to diagnosing depression based on structural MRI. The library is constantly replenished with new data.

SberMedII and Skoltech develop medical solutions using 50 AI models. Their new services are already available to over 40 million people in 16 Russian regions. As part of this effort, SberMedII has launched a medical decision support system based on the SberBank Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s algorithms and providing a second opinion on the diagnosis. The new “Lung Computer Tomography” service that helps identify various lung diseases, including those caused by COVID-19, is being pilot-tested in Moscow, Tambov, and Orenburg Oblasts, the Republic of Buryatia, and Krasnodar Krai.

Olga Golodets, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, SberBank

“The use of modern technologies in healthcare is a key to providing accessible quality healthcare services for the benefit of the medical community and patients. The new company employs top-notch professionals who will help achieve significant progress in healthcare.”

Alexander Kuleshov, President of Skoltech:

“The scientific world is unanimous on the point that AI-based applications will have the greatest practical impact in medicine. We have every reason to believe that SberMedII will contribute substantially to this process. My special thanks to SberBank and NTI management. Without their support, this project would not have been possible.”

Igal Zak, CoBrain-Analytics project manager and CEO of SberMedII

“Right now, SberMedII is discussing and signing agreements with major Russian companies. This will help create the largest medical AI market in Russia. We are looking to integrate all the frontier medical AI solutions in a single platform.”

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