Lecture: What is a mass spectrometer? How and why do scientists “weigh” molecules?

One of the greatest things ever invented by man, the mass spectrometer now ranks among other indispensable research instruments, such as microscopes, telescopes, X-ray devices, and accelerators.


What is the mass of a molecule and how do you “weigh” a single molecule? Skoltech Professor Evgeny Nikolaev will answer these questions and walk you through the history and the current state of the art of mass spectrometry. The speaker will also talk about mass spectrometry applications in biology, medicine, and space research.


Speaker: Skoltech Professor Evgeny Nikolaev, Doctor of Science, Corresponding Member of RAS, and Head of the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the Skoltech Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE).



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