A unique chance to enter Skoltech and HSE: the International Math of Machine Learning Olympiad launches the application process

Applications for the Skoltech-HSE joint Math of Machine Learning Olympiad 2021 will be accepted until April 20, 2021. Winning the Olympiad means gaining admission to the Math of Machine Learning track within Skoltech’s Data Science MSc program and HSE’s Math of Machine Learning MSc program.

Graduates and seniors studying Applied Mathematics and Computer Science or related disciplines within Master’s, Bachelor’s or Specialist’s programs are invited to attend.

The Olympiad will consist of an online and offline rounds. Candidates who wish to participate in the online round should provide a resume, a motivation letter, a recommendation letter, and proof of academic performance. The offline round, including a written exam, an interview, and the TOEFL test, will take place at Skoltech on May 15-16, 2021.

“This program is one of a kind among Russian universities. It lies at the intersection of statistics, optimization, and machine learning and combines science with groundbreaking innovation in IT. We open up excellent opportunities in academia, business, and innovation for our graduates,” says Program Director Dr. Vladimir Spokoiny, a Professor at Skoltech, HSE, the Departments of Mathematics and Economics at the Humboldt University, and the Weierstrass Institute.

The Olympiad has been held since 2018 and was formerly known under the name “Statistical Learning Theory” shared with its corresponding MSc program. 10 winners of the 2020 Olympiad were enrolled in the MSc programs.


“I could not but look toward Data Analysis which is all the rage now. Last year, I got interested in machine learning, ML algorithms, and problems at the crossroads of math and computer science. This is how I came across the HSE-Skoltech joint program where candidates were required to complete the Olympiad assignments to gain admission. The selection was a two-stage process: first we were to pass an interview and then solve math problems. I would advise all future applicants to focus more on the theory of probability. I am glad that, thanks to the Olympiad, I now study under the MSc program, which, in addition to Skoltech courses, includes compulsory math courses at HSE.  While HSE is about theory, Skoltech is more about practice,” Sofia Ivolgina, a 1st year MSc student, comments.

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