Skoltech Lecture Hub at ARHE presents a lecture by Maria Osetrova: “My fatty brain”

Lanugage: Russian


‘Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates’ sounds like a mantra to anyone who has ever read a nutrition label or tried to lose weight. We learned at school that our muscles need proteins, but what about our brain? What is it made of?

Scientists say that the brain is our fattiest organ, with lipids accounting for over half of its weight. How much is known about brain lipids? Where do they come from and what is their mission? Do they just enshroud neuronal processes? Can they cause illness? Does our brain need fat, or does it need dieting?

Find out more about Skoltech’s brain research and get first-hand insights from Maria Osetrova, a bioinformatician, a PhD student, and a research intern at the Skoltech Center for Neurobiology and Brain Restoration (CNBR).

Maria Osetrova graduated from the MIPT Department of Biological and Medical Physics. Since 2018, she has been studying the lipid composition of the brain and its effects on mental health. Maria is a science journalist and a correspondent at Science People, a project of the Russian Science Communication Association (AKSON).


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