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Two Skoltech patents make the Rospatent top-100 inventions in Russia

Two Skoltech patents have landed on the list of top-100 Russian inventions for the second half of 2020, presented by Rospatent. The agency and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property have been compiling these lists of inventions rated most promising by industry experts since 2007.

One patent, “Nano- and microparticles for isolating specific subpopulations of exosomes and analysis thereof,” was granted in October 2020 to a team formed in collaboration between the Biophotonics group at the Center for Photonics Science and Engineering, headed by Professor Dmitry Gorin, and the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS, headed by Academician Sergey Deev. The particles created by researchers will provide higher sensitivity and specificity of detecting exosomal markers for diagnosing various diseases.

“Our approach is based on the combination of particles coated by special molecules that are used for pathological exosome captures and photonic tools such as Raman and fluorescent spectroscopy, and it can be applied for exosome identification and analysis. This required joint work of a multidisciplinary team with experience in biophysics, bioorganic chemistry and biophotonics,” Gorin said.

The other patent, “Anode for potassium-ion batteries,” was granted in September to Skoltech Provost Keith Stevenson, Professor and Director of the Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST) Artem Abakumov and their colleagues. These new anodes with improved electrochemical characteristics based on non-graphitized, or hard, carbon for potassium-ion batteries will help bring them closer to market as potential replacements for lithium-ion batteries.

“The patent is aimed at solving an urgent problem of rather low Initial Coulombic efficiency of anodes in potassium-ion batteries (PIBs) to improve PIBs characteristics. The solution of this problem will let us develop potassium-ion battery technologies as promising for stationary energy storage,” Elena Abramova, a member of the team, noted.

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