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Mikhail Gelfand: “Genetic Odyssey, or Tinder for Cro-Magnons” (RU)

Thousands of years ago, Eurasia was populated by three human species: Cro-Magnons who left Africa 70,000 years ago, Neanderthals, and the mysterious Denisovans. Although there were no dating apps then, all the three species crossed paths, started families and had children. This Odyssey of several thousand years is “encoded” in our genomes and those of ancient people that scientists managed to read.

Professor Gelfand will talk about the latest research explaining how Tinder operated in caves and give tips about how to trace connections among our distant ancestors and find answers to the intriguing questions: How do the relations between our ancestors affect our generation of the 21st century? How did Homo sapiens emerge and evolve?

Mikhail Gelfand, a bioinformatician, professor and Skoltech Vice President for Biomedical Research.

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