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Skoltech and IRE-Polus join forces to develop photonics and materials science

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and IPG IRE-Polus have signed an agreement on cooperation in education and innovation for the term running until Sept. 1, 2029.

The parties are planning to expand student research in photonics and materials science, develop and manufacture fiber lasers and several classes of laser systems and technologies, create and implement a joint master’s degree program in photonics and materials science, engage in joint research and disseminate its results by writing research reports, papers, and manuals, hold joint events, and pursue other activities.

Skoltech’s Photonics and Quantum Materials MSc program includes an industrial track created jointly with IPG Photonics, the global leader in high-performance fiber lasers, allowing the students to participate in the development, production, and operation of high-power laser systems and advanced laser technologies. Also, the students take internships and receive an additional scholarship from IPG Photonics.

Like a year ago, this month the students went on a tour of IRE-Polus to learn more about the company’s culture and activities, explore employment opportunities, and meet face to face with the managers.

IRE-Polus is the founder of and one of the companies constituting IPG Photonics Corporation, which has factories and research centers in Russia, Germany, the United States, and Italy and 30 offices across the world. IRE-Polus develops, mass-produces, and sells unique laser processing systems for cutting, welding, weld overlay, marking, cleaning, heat treatment, drilling, and other processes, and provides servicing throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

“As an institute of technology, and not just science, Skoltech pays close attention to the industry’s needs, such as training high-tech industry professionals who should be proficient in both basic science and applications. While the educational program copes fairly well with the fundamental aspect, the engineering part still falls short of the industry’s expectations. This happened partly due to low market demand, considering the scarcity of technology companies well advanced in photonics. The demand for top-notch professionals will only continue to grow. Responding to current market needs by creating new educational tracks is currently of great relevance,” Associate Professor Arkady Shipulin from Skoltech Photonics commented.

“IRE-Polus and IPG Photonics have to compete on the global market, and a well-thought-out personnel policy is a proof point for this competition. It is no coincidence that IPG Photonics turned its attention to Skoltech, which offers a fresh take on the educational process. Right from their first days at Skoltech, the students have to permanently make choices as regards the program track, supervisor, educational trajectory, research lab, and much more. IRE-Polus adds another item to the list by encouraging students to choose their professional sphere, which can certainly drive their choice of an individual educational trajectory,” Oleg Ochin, advisor to the CEO of IRE-Polus, said.


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