Academic Council

The Academic Council is a senior collegial body that performs general management of Skoltech educational, research and innovation activities. The Academic Council implements a framework of shared governance, enabling joint consultation and decision-making of the Skoltech faculty and leadership. The Academic Council is chaired by Skoltech President, Alexander Kuleshov, and co-chaired by Skoltech Provost, Rupert Gerzer.


The Academic Council has the authority on the following major academic affairs:

  • to determine basic principles of education and teaching, define quality policy, requirements, standards and mechanisms for improving educational programs,
  • to develop and approve a general strategy for research and innovation, analyze and evaluate results of research and development; make decisions on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of the laboratories in the Institute,
  • to approve basic terms for Russian and international academic partnerships,
  • to determine requirements for faculty and research staff positions, and appoint and promote faculty.