Appointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee

Oversees talent acquisition, ensuring the highest institute-wide level of academic personnel. Elaborates recommendations on policies for academic personnel, makes decisions on faculty appointments, advises on criteria for faculty assessment, promotion and contract renewal. Reviews nominations to scientific awards and fellowships.

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Educational Committee

Oversees education domain, ensuring clear rules and rich education experience for students. Recommends on policies, approves MSc and PhD programs portfolio, admission rules. Reviews issues related to thesis defenses, provides recommendations on partnerships, incl. academic mobility and double degree programs.

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Research & Innovation Committee

Oversees research and innovation domain, recommends on research and innovation programs & projects.  Recommends on policies regulating competitive funding programs, supports in setting translational research, startup incubation and acceleration programs. Reviews research equipment purchases, also for shared facilities. Approves grants / contracts reports.

List of members