Accelerating Innovation

The mission of Skoltech will be to educate students, advance knowledge, and foster innovation in order to address critical scientific, technological, and innovation challenges and gaps facing Russia and the world. Skoltech will be a new university model for Russia built on a number of guiding principles, and contributing to several goals:

  • Create a university environment of innovation: Skoltech will bring together research and education across a broad spectrum of science, engineering, and innovation areas in order to foster multidisciplinary discoveries and inventions that arise through the mixing of students, faculty and researchers across traditional disciplinary boundaries.
  • Integrate education and research: in addition to course work, graduate students will participate in research throughout their education; each Skolkovo Tech faculty member will both teach and engage in research, in order to foster excellence and creativity in both.
  • Develop and embed university components of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem within Skolkovo. These university components include formal and informal education in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as university policies and structures for interfacing with industrial commercialization and venture opportunities as they develop at Skolkovo and elsewhere.
  • Lay the foundation for a world-class research university that will help attract, create, and retain both Russian and international talent to Skolkovo and Russia.