Grigory Starkov

PhD Thesis Defense

Date & Time:
October 16, 10:30
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, 30, Bolshoi Boulevard, bld. 1, Room B4-3007
Candidate: Grigory Starkov
PhD Program: Physics
Thesis Title: Simulations of high temperature spin dynamics
Supervisors: Associate Professor Boris Fine, Skoltech
Assistant Professor Anatoly Dymarsky, Skoltech
PhD Defense Jury Reports:

Professor Anton Andreev, Skoltech (Chairman): report
Professor  Vladimir Drachev, Skoltech: report 

Professor Alexei Buchachenko, Skoltech: report
Professor Anatoli Polkovnikov, Boston University, USA: report
Group leader Viatscheslav Dobrovitski, QuTech, Technical University of Delft, Netherlands: report
Head of laboratory Edward Feldman, Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the RAS, Chernogolovka: report

Thesis Changes Log

 Thesis Defense Outcome: The thesis is accepted “as is.” The candidate is awarded the Skoltech PhD degree.
 PhD Defense Video: