Sofia Medvedeva

Joint PhD Thesis Defense with Sorbonne University

Date & Time:
June 3, 10:00 am (GMT+2)
Pasteur Institute (Paris, France), 25 Rue du Dr Roux, Metchnikoff Building, Jules Bordet Room
Candidate: Sofia Medvedeva
PhD Program: Life Sciences
Thesis Title: Natural diversity of CRISPR spacers
Supervisors: Professor Konstantin Severinov, Skoltech
Assistant professor Mart Krupovic, Institute Pasteur, France
PhD Defense Jury Reports:

Professor Mikhail Gelfand, Skoltech (Co-Chairman): report
Professor Guennadi Sezonov, Sorbonne University, France (Co-Chairman): report
Assistant professor Dmitri Pervouchine, Skoltech: report
Dr. Tamara Basta, University of Paris-Sud, France: report
Professor Olga Soutourina, University of Paris-Sud, France: report
Dr. David Bikard, Institute Pasteur, France: report

Thesis Changes Log 

 Thesis Defense Outcome:  The thesis is accepted “as is.” The candidate is awarded the Skoltech PhD degree and Sorbonne PhD degree.