• March 10: Timur Saifutdinov
    Thesis title: Optimal siting, sizing and technology selection of energy storage systems for power systems applications
    Supervisor: Professor Janusz Bialek, Skoltech

    PhD program: Engineering systems

  • February 17: Mikhail Dobynde
    Thesis title: Radiation Shielding of Astronauts during Interplanetary Flights
    Supervisor: Professor Rupert Gerzer, Skoltech

    PhD program: Engineering systems

  • January 31: Christian Tantardini
    Thesis title: A study of chemical bonding through quantum chemical topology
    Supervisor: Professor Artem Oganov, Skoltech

    PhD program: Materials Science and Engineering

  • January 31: Dominik Johannes Knoll
    Thesis title: Model-based processes and tools for concurrent conceptual design of space systems
    Supervisor: Associate Professor Alessandro Golkar, Skoltech

    PhD program: Engineering systems

  • January 20: Andrii Liashyk
    Thesis title: Bethe vectors and their scalar products in quantum integrable models
    Supervisor: Professor Anton Zabrodin, Skoltech

    PhD program: Mathematics and Mechanics