Skoltech is an international graduate research-focused university that was founded by the group of world-renowned scientists in 2011. Skoltech's curriculum focuses on technology and innovation, offering Master's programs in 11 technological disciplines. Students receive rigorous theoretical and practical training, design their own research projects, participate in internships and gain entrepreneurial skills in English. The faculty is comprised of current researchers with international accreditation and achievements.


General Information

The concept of creating a world-class institution requires an active co-operation with industry, and that is why Skoltech sets as one of its main goals the interests of business in the formation of its research and educational programs. Most of Skoltech’s research projects and educational programs will be focus on the acquisition and development of major knowledge, critically important for Russian companies. Moreover, they will be focused on the development of the skills and technologies to prepare qualified specialists, ready to face the needs of the 21st century.

Alexey Ponomarev, Vice-President

Alexey Ponomarev, Senior Vice President for Industrial Cooperation

The primary objective of Skoltech in this direction is to understand the priorities of Russian industry and to influence them, being based on global science and technology trends. At the moment, lists of priorities have been made, according to the opinions of Russian companies, scientific research directions have been determined in the key sectors of the Russian economy, as well as the list of their application areas. These priorities are reflected in the activities of Skoltech’s research centers (Science, Innovation and Education Centres, SIEC) by starting projects in areas of industrial interest.

Skoltech is currently cooperating with major Russian companies aiming at establishing requirements for personnel training programs and targeted staff training programs for companies, attracting specific foreign researchers and representatives from scientific and technological schools, and using independent technology research expertise with the help of leading world experts.

These activities are carried out within Skoltech’s industrial Advisory Groups, responsible for the key areas of research and development in various sectors of industry, and which represent Skoltech’s key instrument in its interaction with industry. Representatives of the following companies form the Advisory Groups: Gazprom Neft OJSC, TNK-BP OJSC, Lukoil OJSC, Salym Petroleum Development OJSC, Schlumberger Technological Company LLC, Rosatom GC, Russian Roads GC, Russian Railways OJSC, RusHydro OJSC, Rostelecom OJSC, Basic Element LLC, United Aircraft Corporation OJSC, United Engine Corporation OJSC, RSC Energia OJSC, System Operator of the Unified Energy System OJSC, Federal Grid Company OJSC, and others.

Due to its focus on breakthrough cutting-edge research areas, Skoltech is seen as industry’s skills development “elite” institution, able to train company employees in the most up-to-date areas. An important field of cooperation is the development of educational programmes and the training of qualified professionals who not only have great fundamental engineering knowledge, but also practical research projects skills. Russian and Western companies investing in technological development need this reliable reserve. In addition, taking into consideration Skoltech’s serious potential in international cooperation, the Institute is of interest for industry as a point of access to advanced scientific research teams from around the world.