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Oil and Gas

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List of priorities for industrial projects in oil & gas:

Oil productionКонференция и выставка "Нефть и Газ Сахалина 2012" пройдут 24-27 сентября Новости АСТВ

Areas of expertise:

  • Petrophysics, advanced core analysis
  • Physics of reservoir fluids
  • Numerical modeling of multi-phase and multi-component flows in porous media (at different scales) and wells
  • Oilfield chemistry
  • Geophysical methods (seismic, electromagnetic, gravimetric, thermal, etc.)
  • Modeling of wave propagation (anisotropic, fractured, other complex media), solving inverse problems of geophysics
  • High-performance computing, big data processing
  • New materials for the oil and gas industry

Concerning technologies for exploration and production at difficult reservoirs, unconventional hydrocarbons, enhanced oil production, and hydrocarbon production under harsh conditions:

  • Final stage field development
  • Low-permeability, carbonate and other complex reservoirs
  • Bazhenov formation (shale oil)
  • Unconventional hydrocarbons (heavy oil, natural bitumen, gas condensate, shale gas, gas hydrates)
  • Technologies for oil and gas production in the Arctic shelf
  • Technologies for permafrost conditions
  • Enhanced oil production (thermal, chemical, gas and others)
  • Utilization of associated gas
  • New technologies in oil and gas transportation
  • Energy efficiency in oil production and transportation

Oil refining

Areas of expertise:

  • Oil refining
  • Kinetics and catalysis
  • Petrochemistry
  • Chemistry of polymers
  • Gas chemistry
  • Lube oil physics and chemistry
  • Refining process engineering
  • Oil refinement control and real-time optimization
  • Analytical and environmental chemistry

Concerning the following technological problems:

  • Improving fuel quality
  • Increasing the depth for crude oil processing
  • Increasing added costs to oil refining and manufacturing
  • Coke and heavy residue gasification
  • Utilizing associated gas during refinement (chemical methods)
  • Utilizing oil slime and waste products
  • Energy effectiveness (alternative fuels, heat recovery, new equipment)
  • New technologies for production, storage and use of hydrogen

(Minutes from the second Advisory Group meeting, June 28, 2012).

Approved by the following companies:

  • Gazprom Neft
  • TNK-BP
  • Lukoil
  • Salym Petroleum
  • Transneft
  • Zarubegneft

Advisory Group for Research and Development in Oil and Gas

The Advisory Group for Research and Development in Oil and Gas (hereinafter – the Group) is an ad-hoc advisory group to assist in identifying research and educational priorities to meet long, medium, and short-term economic needs. This ongoing collaboration enables Skoltech to prepare students with the technical and practical skills demanded by oil and gas companies investing in R&D.
The Group consists of representatives from Skoltech, major oil and gas companies, technological platforms that concentrate on carbon extraction and processing as well as other organizations and state bodies determining technological policy in this general sector.

• Elaborate on priority directions of scientific, technological, and educational programs in the area of carbon extraction and processing based upon the Group’s recommendations
• Provide for the exchange of knowledge among the Group’s collaborating companies and Skoltech together with universities and research institutions to orient programs training engineers and highly qualified technicians
• Prepare programs and initiate international educational projects based upon the technological needs of the Group’s companies
• Monitor and assess the scientific and practical significance of research conducted in part by Skoltech addressing the interests of the Group’s companies
• Collaborate with other Skoltech Advisory Groups in overlapping areas

Skoltech’s Vice President for Industrial Cooperation and State Programs coordinates the activities of the Group.

Advisory Group for Research and Development in Oil and Gas




VAISBERG Leonid Oil Refinery Mekhanobr-Tekhnika General Director – Scientific Supervisor
VEREMKO Nikolai Lukoil Head of EOR methods
VOLOKITIN Yakov Salym Petroleum Development Chief of Technology
GALIBEEV Sergey  SIBUR Holding Executive
ZUEV Alexey TNK-BP Management Director of Energy Saving Department
MIKHAILOV Maxim Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster of Skolkovo Project Manager
PARMON Valentin United Institute of Catalysis General Director 
PERSHUKOV Vyacheslav Rosatom Deputy General Director
PONOMAREV Alexey  Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Vice President for Strategy and Industrial Cooperation
SILIN Mikhail University of Oil and Gas I.M.Gubkin First Vice President for Strategic Development
SPASENNYKH Mikhail Skoltech Deputy Director CREI “Hydrocarbon Recovery”
TATARINOV Andrey Transneft Head of Innovative Development
FOMKIN Artem Zarubezhneft Head of Department of Introduction of New Technologies
KHASANOV Mars Gazprom Neft, Gazpromneft Scientific and Technical Center Director for Technology, General Direcor
YAROSLAVTSEV Andrei Institute for General and Inorganic Chemistry N.S. Kurnakov Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis Head of Sector Head of Laboratory
SOROKIN Leonid Honeywell Russia CEO

Oil and Gas Technologies: industrial project in the framework of the Federal Target Program “Research and development on priority directions of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020″

In the summer of 2014, Skoltech initiated the formation of a consortium in the field of oil and gas technologies jointly with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow State University, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and supported by industrial partner OJSC “Gazprom Neft.”  This consortium received a grant for the next 3 years (announced 15 September 2014) from the Federal budget as part of the Federal Target Program “Research and development in priority areas of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020.”

The title of the project : “The comprehensive study of the Bazhenov Formation” – a group of non-conventional oil-containing rock formations that was revealed in an area of about one million square kilometers in Western Siberia.

The project will be implemented by the Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery jointly with the project partners.