Term 1 (August 29 – October 21, 2016)

No Course Code Course Name/Description ECTS Credits Course Instructor: Name Course Instructor: Title
1 MC06001
Innovation Workshop
6 Ilia Dubinsky Professor
2 MA06066
Earth Observation Sensors and Measurements
6 Evgeny Nikolaev Professor
3 MA03135
Graphical Models of Statistical Inference
3 Michael Chertkov Professor
4 PA06107
Green's Function Methods in Condensed Matter Physics
6 Anton Andreev Invited (UW, USA)
5 PA06108
High-Temperature Superconductors
6 Boris Fine Associate Professor
6 MA03111
Introduction to Data Science
3 Mikhail Belyayev; Maxim Panov Research Scientist
7 MA06064
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
6 Bahman Tohidi Invited (Heriot Watt, UK)
8 MA06099
Materials Selection in Design
6 Fardad Azarmi Professor
9 MA06112
Mathematics for Data Science
6 Grigory Kabatiansky Professor
10 MA03034
Molecular Biology
3 Petr Sergiev Associate Professor
11 PA06109
6 Vladimir Drachev Professor
12 MA06113
Scientific Computing
6 Maxim Fedorov Professor
13 PA03106
Selected Topics in Energy: Physical, Chemical and Geophysical Challenges
6 Alexei Buchachenko Professor
14 MA06139
Seminar on Complex Analysis
6 Konstantin Tikhonov Invited (MIPT, Russia)
15 MA06063
Survey of Materials
6 Andriy Zhugayevych Assistant Professor
16 MA06138
Theory of Phase Transitions
6 Vladimir Lebedev Invited (MIPT, Russia)

Term 2 (October 24 – December 16, 2016)

17 MA06068
Advanced Solid State Physics
6 Boris Fine Associate Professor
18 MA03022
Basic Molecular Biology Techniques
3 Konstantin Severinov Professor
19 MA03065
Bioinformatics Lab Course
3 Mikhail Gelfand Professor
20 MA06008
Computational Chemistry and Materials Modelling
6 Andriy Zhugayevych Assistant Professor
21 MA03136
Convex Optimization for Data Science
3 Alexander Gasnikov Invited (MIPT, Russia)
22 PA01150
Electrochemistry for Physicists
1 Tanja Kallio Invited (Aalto, Finland)
23 MA06001
Energy Systems (Physics) & Technology
6 Aldo Bischi Assistant Professor
24 PE06101
History and Philosophy of Science
6 Ivan Lupandin Invited (MIPT, Russia)
25 MC06002
Ideas to Impact
6 Zelijko Tekic Assistant Professor
26 MA03118
Imaging in Biology
3 Konstantin Severinov Professor
27 MA06027
Introduction to Solid State Physics
6 Leonid Butov Invited (University of California at San Diego, USA)
28 MA03072
Introduction to the Biomedical Industry and Functional Genomics (Functional Genomics)
3 Victor Koteliansky Professor
29 MA06116
Material Structure Characterization Methods
6 Artem Abakumov Professor
30 MA03033
Mathematical Modeling in Biology
3 Jaroslav Ispolatov Invited (USACH, Chile)
31 MA06117
Methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery
6 Raj Mehta Invited (University of Calgary, Canada)
32 MA03137
Modern Convex Optimization
  Arkady Nemirovsky Invited (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
33 MA02052
Molecular Biology Seminar
2 Konstantin Severinov Professor
34 MA06024
Numerical Linear Algebra
6 Ivan Oseledets Associate Professor
35 MA06002
Optimization Methods
6 Victor Lempitsky Associate Professor
36 PE03100
Pedagogy of Higher Education
3 Alexander Chuchalin Invited (TPU, Russia)
37 MA06028
Petrophysics and Reservoir Engineering
6 Roberto Aguilera Invited (University of Calgary, Canada)
38 MA06069
Photonics Review
6 Nikolay Gippius Professor
39 MA06050
6 Dzmitry Tsetserukou Assistant Professor
40 MA06074
Spacecraft and Mission Design
6 Alessandro Golkar Associate Professor
41 MA06067
Structural Analysis and Design
6 Ivan Sergeichev Senior Research Scientist

Term 3 (January 30 – March 24, 2017)

42 MA03046
Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques
3 Konstantin Severinov Professor
43 MA03132
Advanced Statistical Methods
3 Vladimir Spokoiny Professor
44 MA03022
Basic Molecular Biology Techniques
3 Konstantin Severinov Professor
45 MA06125
6 Dmitri Pervouchine Assistant Professor
46 MA06005
CSE I: Modelling and Simulation
6 Thanos Polimeridis Assistant Professor
47 MA03049
Developmental Biology
3 Dmitri Papatsenko Assistant Professor
48 MA06083
Dynamic Systems and Control
6 Dzmitry Tsetserukou Assistant Professor
49 MA03124
Evolutionary and Medical Genomics
3 Georgii Bazykin Assistant Professor
50 MA06115
Fluid Dynamics and CFD
6 Alexander Ustinov Assistant Professor
51 MA06016
Fundamentals Device Physics
6 Vasili Perebeinos Associate Professor
52 MA03020
Genetic Animal Models and Integrative Physiology in Drug Discovery
3 Yuri Kotelevtsev Professor
53 MA06122
Information and Coding Theory
6 Alexey Frolov Senior Research Scientist
54 MC06006
Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation
6 Kelvin Willoughby Professor
55 MA06123 PA06123
Large-Scale Optimization and Applications
6 Yury Maximov Assistant Professor
56 MA06018
Machine Learning
6 Evgeny Burnaev Associate Professor
57 MA06042
Materials Chemistry
6 Keith Stevenson Professor
58 MA06051
Mathematical Modeling in Engineering
6 Ildar Gabitov Professor
59 MA02052
Molecular Biology Seminar
2 Konstantin Severinov Professor
60 MA03047
3 Raul Gainetdinov Professor
61 MA06119
Organic Materials for Electronics, Photonics, Energy Generation and Storage
6 Pavel Troshin Associate Professor
62 MA06076
Petroleum Geophysics
6 Marwan Charara Associate Professor
63 MA06121
Signal and Image Processing
6 Stamatios Lefkimmiatis Assistant Professor
64 MB06003
Space Sector Course
6 Edward Crawley Invited (MIT, USA)
65 MA06075
Structure and Properties of Materials
6 Artem R. Oganov Professor
66 N/A
DDP: Academic English
3 Elizaveta Tikhomirova Professor
67 N/A
Academic Writing (MS)
3 Elizaveta Tikhomirova Professor
68 N/A
English for PhD Exam
3 Elizaveta Tikhomirova Professor

Term 4 (March 27 – May 26, 2017)

69 MA06080
Advanced Bioinformatics Lab Course
6 Philipp Khaitovich Professor
70 MA03046
Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques
3 Konstantin Severinov Professor
71 MA06086
Advanced Photonics Course
6 Pavlos Lagoudakis Professor
72 MA03022
Basic Molecular Biology Techniques
3 Konstantin Severinov Professor
73 MA06129
Bayesian Methods of Machine Learning
6 Evgeny Burnaev Associate Professor
74 MA06044
Carbon Nanomaterials

6 Albert Nassibulin Professor
75 MA06134
Cell Biology Lab Course
6 Olga Dontsova Professor
76 MA03133
Comparative Genomics
3 Mikhail Gelfand Professor
77 MA06017
Composite Materials and Structures
6 Stepan Lomov; Sergey Abaimov Invited (KU Leuven, Belgium) +Skoltech Senior Research Scientist
78 MA06079
CSE II: Discretization
6 Alexander Shapeev Assistant Professor
79 MA06057
Deep Learning
6 Victor Lempitsky Associate Professor
80 MA06127
Electrochemistry: Fundamentals to Applications
6 Keith Stevenson Professor
81 MA03073
Genetic Engineering
3 Konstantin Piatkov Assistant Professor
82 MA03197
Geomatics for Earth 3D Reconstruction and Monitoring
3 Fabio Remondino, Francesca Bovolo Invited (Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK))
83 MA03169
Geometrical Methods of Machine Learning
3 Alexander Bernstein Principal Research Scientist
84 MA06085
Geostatistics and Reservoir Simulation
6 Dmitri Koroteev Assistant Professor
85 MA06128
High-Dimensional Statistical Methods
6 Vladimir Spokoiny Professor
86 MA06097
Human Spaceflight
6 Rupert Gerzer Professor
87 MA06148
Introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
6 Ighor Uzhinsky Professor
88 MA02052
Molecular Biology Seminar
2 Konstantin Severinov Professor
89 MA06131
Natural Language Modeling and Processing
6 Vladimir Selegey and Sergey Sharov Invited (ABBYY, Russia)
90 MA06094
Quantum Fluids
6 Natasha Berloff Professor
91 MA03081
RNA Biology
3 Timofey Zatsepin Associate Professor
92 MA06056
Smart Grids
6 Phil Taylor, Padraig Lyons, Neal Wade Invited (Newcastle University, UK)
93 MA06098
Space Data Processing
6 Tatiana Podladchikova Assistant Professor
94 MA06084
Stochastic Modeling and Computations
6 Michael Chertkov Professor
95 MA06023​
(Space) Systems Engineering
6 Alessandro Golkar Associate Professor
96 PA06140
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
6 Evgeny Burnaev Associate Professor
97 MA06053
Thermal Fluid Sciences
6 Iskander Akhatov Professor