TEM Titan Themis Z


Transmission electron microscope Titan Themis Z
Transmission electron microscope Titan Themis Z allows us to study the microstructure, crystal structure and etc. of wide range samples. Titan Themis Z is equipped with a corrector of spherical aberrations, which significantly improves the resolution of the microscope. The microscope is equipped with various detectors for investigation of local chemical composition using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (Super-X EDX detector) and characteristic electron energy loss spectroscopy (Quantum 965). Large number of techniques used in electron microscopy, such as HRTEM, HRSTEM, EDX, EELS, Mono-STEM-EELS, STEM-EELS, HAADF, ABF, etc., help us to obtain complete information about microstructure, crystal structure, phase and chemical composition of materials.

Production year, manufacturer, country of manufacture: 2017, TFS (ThermoFisherScientific), Netherlands

Technical characteristics:
TEM resolution 120 pm;
STEM Cs corrected resolution 60 pm;
Monochromator resolution 0.15 eV;
Resolution at 80 kV: 100 pm;
Ultra-stable, high brightness Schottky field emitter gun (X-FEG);
Accelerating voltage range: 80 kV, 120 kV, 200 kV, 300 kV;
Super-X EDX detector for energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy (≤ 136 eV for Mn-Kα and 10 kcps, ≤ 140 eV for Mn-Kα and 100 kcps);
Quantum 965 GIF detector for electron energy loss spectroscopy;
Full automatic control.