BioImaging and Spectroscopy Core Facility

BioImaging and Spectroscopy core facility (BIScf) was established to provide cutting edge technologies for in vitro/in vivo imaging and spectral analysis with photonic tools for Skoltech researchers, members of Skolkovo ecosystem as well as external customers.

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The Facility is equipped with the setups that allow performing imaging and spectral analysis at three levels:

  • nano- (intracellular) level: Laser Analyzer Zetasizer Nano ZS (size and Z potential of nanoparticles) and high-resolution FLIM PicoQuant MicroTime 200 STED (STED – Stimulated Emission Depletion, FLIM – fluorescence life-time imaging microscopy);
  • micro- (intercellular and tissue) level: fluorescent flow cytometry, confocal laser scanning microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, Raman microscopy, adsorption and fluorescent spectroscopy, ellipsometry;
  • macro- (body) level: fluorescent tomography combined with CT (IVIS Spectrum CT in vivo imaging system) and Optoacoustic microscopy RSOM Explorer P50 (for preclinical studies).

The main task of BIScf is to use modern methods of visualization and spectroscopy to solve interdisciplinary problems arising at the interface of materials science, photonics, electronics and biomedicine in the interests of Skoltech, Skolkovo ecosystem participants, as well as external customers.

The expertise of BioImaging and Spectroscopy core facility covers several fields, including (but not limited to):

  • materials science, chemistry and biology for targeted delivery and biosensing;
  • microscopy in neuroscience;
  • photonic and plasmonic tools for spectroscopy and imaging;