Setting up an Award

In order for a project team to begin spending on a sponsored award, certain steps must be taken in order to set up the account or authorize pre-award spending.

Notice of Award

A notice of Award (grant agreement, award letter, etc) -is a notification from a sponsor indicating that a proposal has been funded. Notices of awards are typically received by G&C office, although on occasion the PI may be notified directly. A notice of grant award may require the signature of an authorized Skoltech official. Notices should be forwarded to G&C Office for review and processing.

Review of Terms and Conditions

Before accepting an award on behalf of Skoltech, G&C reviews all award terms and conditions and is responsible for negotiates appropriate remedies for the following conditions

  • contains provisions that are incompatible with Skoltech policies
  • fails to include all elements agreed upon prior to the award
  • requires modification to conform to the Principal Investigator’s needs
  • includes non-standard patent and/or licensing terms
  • conform to regulatory compliance standards

In the case of non-standard patent, copyright or licensing terms, the Skoltech Knowledge Licensing Office ( must also approve the award terms. The G&C Office will consult with KLO on an as-needed basis.

Account Set Up

Upon receiving a notice of award G&C Office sets-up the account. Once the account is set up the PI can spend funds according to the excepted award terms and conditions.

Before Spending Sponsored Funds

The Grants and Contracts Office must review award terms and conditions and, as necessary negotiate acceptable terms before work on awarded grants may begin. Skoltech is not responsible for pre-award spending that is not authorized by the award sponsor.