BioImaging and Spectroscopy core facility was established as a result of collaboration between two Skoltech CREIs – Center of Photonics and Quantum Materials (Plasmonics laboratory headed by Prof. V. Drachev and Biophotonics laboratory headed by Prof. D. Gorin) and Center of Life Sciences (laboratories of Prof. K. Lukyanov, Prof. T. Zasepin and Prof. P. Khaitovich).

Over the past few decades, the role of photonics has increased not only in IT, so the application of photonic methods in biology and medicine in solving various problems is growing avalanche-like. Miniature integrated optoelectronic sensors connected to information networks are capable of making a revolution in biology and healthcare. The development of personalized medicine will lead to an increase in the diagnostics and treatment quality and make possible the concept of preventive medicine. BIScf is aimed at developing new complex systems, including rapid diagnostics and continuous monitoring of the body state at three levels – cellular, tissue, and systemic.

BioImaging and Spectroscopy core facility is actively involved in R&D projects both for internal (Skoltech) and external customers.

The broad range of capabilities as well as extensive experience of Facility staff allow solving wide variety of scientific, research and practical tasks in the fields of biology, neuroscience, medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, food industry, and advanced technology.

The Facility is equipped with modern equipment that allows solving visualization and spectroscopy problems at three levels: nano, micro and macroscopic. Dynamic light scattering to determine the size and electrokinetic potential, super high resolution microscopy (STED – Stimulated Emission Depletion, FLIM – Fluorescence Life-time Imaging Microscopy) are effective methods at the subcellular level. For studies at the cellular level, BIScf offers fluorescence flow cytometry, confocal and light-sheet fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy and Raman microscopy (Raman spectroscopy with confocal resolution). Projects at the macro level, i.e. the level of tissues and the organism as a whole, will be supported by tools for optoacoustic scanning microscopy, fluorescence tomography combined with X-ray tomography.

The combination of these photonic tools provides unique opportunities for research partners and customers of BioImaging and Spectroscopy core facility.

The Facility is actively involved in the educational process in Skoltech. A number of laboratory classes which are an essential part of the following educational courses for MSc students are delivered at BIScf:

- Biomedical applications of photonics Course instructor: Prof. Dmitry Gorin

- Imaging in Biology Course instructor: Dr. Dmitry Artamonov

- Physics of colloids and phase boundaries Course instructor: Prof. Dmitry Gorin