Genomics Core Facility


Genomics Core Facility was established at Skoltech in March 2018. It contains high-throughput Illumina sequencers HiSeq4000 and MiniSeq, equipment for nucleic acid extraction, library preparation and quality control (Illumina cBot 2, Biomek NXp Span-8, Covaris M220, Bioanalyzer 2100 etc.) and computational resources for data storage and analysis.

Genomics is one of the key areas of biological and biomedical research. The most modern and high-throughput genomics method is the next-generation sequencing (NGS). It allows determining sequences of many thousands of fragments without their physical separation (e.g. by cloning) and is therefore rapid and cost-effective. Development of NGS methods enabled characterization of the genomes of many species and individuals of the same species, detailed analysis of gene expression in different organs and developmental stages etc. This resulted in revolutionary advancements in many fields of science, including genetics, evolutionary biology, microbiology, anthropology.

NGS is used not only in fundamental research but also in applied science, in particular, for the search of genetic basis of inherited diseases, for the analysis of the dynamics of microbial communities, the search of genes associated with economically important traits in plants and animals, and many others.

The main goal of the Facility is to coordinate and support genomic research programs carried out by Skoltech researchers, participants of Skolkovo ecosystem as well as external customers.


  1. Preparation of whole genome shotgun libraries
  2. Preparation of RNA libraries
  3. Preparation of long insert (3-10 Kb) DNA libraries
  4. Preparation of amplicon libraries
  5. Preparation of target enriched libraries (e.g. exomes)
  6. Sequencing on HiSeq4000 platform
  7. Sequencing on MiniSeq platform
  8. Consulting services (design of experiment, cost estimates, development of process flows and specifications)

For orders, questions and requests for collaboration please contact us at 


Current projects

Internal (Skoltech customers):

  1. Development of technology for accelerated breeding of oil crops based on high-performance methods of genotyping and molecular phenotyping to ensure Russia’s food security (Ministry of Education and Science, PI Philipp Khaitovich)
  2. Deciphering the Cause of Human Pregnancy Loss by Exome Analysis of Abortuses (Skoltech Biomedical Initiative, PI Georgii Bazykin, Dmitry Yarotsky)
  3. Development of methods for identification of plant components in food products using next generation sequencing (Ministry of Education and Science, PI Maria Logacheva)

External (Non-Skoltech customers):

  1. Whole-genome sequencing of 29 soybean samples (LTD “Agrogenetika”)
  2. The study of chickpea transcriptome using high-throughput sequencing
  3. The influence of a wide spectrum ouabain concentrations on gene expression profiles in human neurons
  4. Exome analysis of patients with monogenic hereditary diseases



1.Speranskaya AS, Khafizov K, Ayginin AA, Krinitsyna AA, Omelchenko DO, Nilova MV, Severova EE, Samokhina EN, Shipulin GA, Logacheva MD. Comparative analysis of Illumina and Ion Torrent high-throughput sequencing platforms for identification of plant components in herbal teas. Food Control, in press (

2.Izraelson M, Nakonechnaya TO, Davydov AN, Dronina MA, Miskevich DA, Mamedov IZ, Barbashova LN, Shugay M, Bolotin D, Staroverov D, Kondratyuk E, Bogdanova E, Lukyanov S, Shams I, Britanova OV, Chudakov DM. T cell immunity does not age in a long-lived rodent species (



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