Advanced Imaging Core Facility


Advanced Imaging Core Facility (AICF) was established at Skoltech in September 2018. AICF includes wide range of equipment such as electron microscopes: scanning (dual-beam FEI Helios G4 Plasma FIB Uxe and low-vacuum FEI Quattro S) and transmission (FEI Titan Themis Z) as well as equipment for sample preparation (Struers LaboPol, LectroPol-5, TenuPol-5, MultiPrep, Ion Beam Milling, etc.).

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Nowadays, transmission electron microscopy is one of the most powerful techniques for structural and analytical analysis of the wide range of materials, such as metals, alloys, powders, coatings, and many other materials. Comprehensive information about crystal structure, type of defects, qualitative and quantitative chemical composition and other information can be obtained using various electron microscopy techniques, such as HRTEM, STEM, EFTEM, EELS, EDX, etc.

The main tasks of AICF are to support research performed at Skoltech, as well as to perform research projects on the material investigation using scanning and transmission microscopy for customers from Skolkovo ecosystem and external customers.

Head of AICF - Dr. Shakhova Yaroslava

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