Advanced Mass Spectrometry Core Facility


Advanced Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (AMS) was established at Skoltech in March 2019. AMS is equipped with wide range of mass-spectrometers covering all needs in the field of proteomic and metabolomics studies. Currently AMS has five mass-spectrometers. Among them two Q-exactive (benchtop Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer coupled to conventional flow rate UPLC (Waters)). Three MSs from Bruker: “Impact” Q-TOF mass-spectrometer, TIMS-TOF (upgraded to “pro” in 2019) and “RapifleX” MALDI-TOF with the MALDI Imaging Option. Together with state of the art mass-spectrometric equipment, the sample preparation and bioinformatic support we are able to perform the whole experimental cycle for the research and industry.

The main goal of AMS is to provide high quality service for Skoltech internal users as well as services to external partners.


Advanced Mass Spectrometry Core Facility provides a wide range of services, including:

The identification, characterization and quantification of proteins and proteomes
1. MALDI-TOF-TOF analysis
2. MS, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS analysis
3. Targeted LC-MS/MS (Selected reaction monitoring (SRM), parallel reaction monitoring (PRM))
4. Quantitative proteomics using isotopically labeled internal standards or Isobaric peptide/protein tags for relative and absolute quantitation (ITRAQ, TMT, etc.), label free protein quantitation
5. De-novo peptide sequencing
6. Top down and middle down proteomics
7. LC/MS analysis of whole protein molecules and its complexes
8. Sample preparation services (sample fractionation, enrichment, depletion of major proteins, digestion by proteases, etc.)

The identification, characterization and quantification of metabolites
1. Metabolite mass-spectrometric profiling
2. Metabolite identification
3. Metabolome analysis in clinical samples

Bioinformatic support
1. Protein identification, identification of nature and localization of posttranslational modifications, quantitative protein analysis, metabolite quantitative and qualitative analysis

Service package for confirmation of structural identity of therapeutic protein drugs
1. Confirmation of a protein primary structure by peptide mapping (>95%)
2. Determination and mapping of the protein internal and external S-S bonds
3. The systems-level analysis of glycoproteins, including their sites of glycosylation, and glycan structures
4. Identification of posttranslational modifications (Met oxidation, deamination)
5. Complete set of corresponding reports

Service package for De-novo protein sequencing
1. LC/MS analysis of whole protein molecules
2. The protein digestion by the set of proteases
3. nano-LC-MS/MS of the digested protein
4. De-novo peptide sequencing
5. The protein sequence assembly using domestic original computational algorithm
6. Verification of the obtained results by Edman sequencing of some peptides.
7. Complete set of corresponding reports

Potential collaboration
1. Unique method of MALDI tissue Imaging is available as an opportunity for collaboration with lab of mass spectrometry at Skoltech ()
2. offers his expertise in the field of protein surface modification, hydrogen-deuterium exchange and cross-linking – all combined with modern mass spectrometric techniques – for the studying of protein structure

For orders, questions and requests for collaboration please contact us at:

1.Order on establishment of the AMS facility
2.List of equipment
3.List of services and tariffs
4.Regulations on providing services
5.Draft of the contract for providing services