Preparing Proposal

A well-written and skillfully prepared research proposal is crucial to the success of an application for research funding. This section provides guidance for developing the proposal.

In this section, you will find information and resources needed to develop a proposal, including necessary forms, institutional data.

  • Oversees the routing and review within G&C Office;
  • Reviews proposal, budgets, and supporting documentation for compliance with sponsor solicitation, federal and Skoltech policies;
  • Prepares and executes Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Memorandum(a) of Understanding (MOUs), Teaming and Collaboration Agreements (consulting with other Skoltech offices as appropriate), if necessary;
  • Ensures proper institutional sign-offs on proposals and financial commitments, such as cost sharing; Contacts any other Skoltech office that needs to approve a proposal before submission;
  • Prepares supporting documents for proposal, including the transmittal letter, certifications, and response to terms and conditions, if necessary;
  • Submits electronic proposals if not otherwise dictated by Sponsor solicitation (e.g. PI submittal via Sponsor Website);
  • Notifies the PI when the proposal is ready to be picked up and sent to the sponsor—if not an electronic submission;
  • Responsible for the overall development and content of the proposal including preparing of the budget;
  • Reviews all sponsor requirements; Develops the scope of work and determines the resources necessary to complete the project;
  • Prepares the budget and justification including confirming allowable budgeted items and verifying time/effort commitments, salaries, cost sharing, etc Obtains third-party documentation—including consultant letters, subaward proposals, scope of work, budget, and subaward institutional sign-off;
  • Consults with appropriate Skoltech Office regarding the use of space and personnel as needed;
  • Complies with all compliance and regulatory requirements and provides required certifications to Skoltech;

Cover page:

  • Principal Investigator’s name, institutional affiliation, address, phone number
  • Title of proposal
  • Sponsor name and address
  • Period of performance with start and end dates
  • Amount requested
  • Institutional information (as requested by sponsor)
  • Signature of Skoltech Authorizing Official


The abstract outlines the proposed research, including objectives, methodology, and significance of the research.

Statement of Work or Research Plan

One of the most important elements of a proposal is the Statement of Work. It should provide a full and detailed explanation of the proposed activity, typically including project goals and Investigator responsibilities and proposed deliverables.

Budget and Budget Justification

The budget includes a reasonable estimate of the financial support required to conduct the project, including justification of budget expenses.

Typical budget categories include:

  • Direct Costs
  • Salaries
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Equipment

Under Skoltech financial policy, an item is considered capital equipment when it has a unit cost of 40 000 rubles or more, and has a useful life of at least one year.

  • Materials and Supplies
  • Travel

Domestic and foreign travel should be shown separately. List the name, destination, and purpose of trip. Include transportation costs (coach airfare), registration fees, accommodation fees, and other related expenses. All expenses should be made in accordance with Skoltech travel policy –Please check with Grant and Contract Office for details).

  • Consultants (as applicable)

List the consultant’s total projected cost on the project. Include in the proposal a letter of collaboration and the consultant’s curriculum vitae or biographical sketch. Consultant costs should be in accordance with Skoltech’s Consultant Policy – Please check with Grant and Contract Office for details.

  • Subrecipients (per sponsor award terms)

A subrecipient should be identified at the proposal stage. Include the subrecipient’s authorized proposal, letter of intent, statement of work, and budget with justification.

  • Other

Other costs typically include items such research support services or other project related costs.

  • Indirect Costs
  • Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A Costs)

F&A rates should be checked with Skoltech G&C Office

Additional Information

Additional information may consist of the following:

  • Current and pending support. Sponsor may require a listing of the PI and Key Personnel on current awards and pending proposals.
  • Letters of support from non-Skoltech investigators may also be required.

CV or Biographical Sketch

The CV or Biographical Sketch is required for all key project personnel.

All proposals to be submitted by Skoltech faculty to external sponsors must be signed by the PI, then reviewed by G&C and signed by an authorized Skoltech signatory. Submissions will be in accordance with the sponsor’s guidelines.

The proposal budget should be developed by the PI and CREI administrative personnel in accordance with the sponsor guidelines.

Should you have any specific question on budget preparation (e.g. F&A Costs) please contact Grant and Contract Office.

For information on a typical budget structure please see Section Common Elements of a Proposal

Deadlines for proposal submission for RF Government and EU funding – at least 3 weeks before sponsor deadline.

Deadlines for proposal submission for all other funding sources – at least 10 days before sponsor deadline.

Notification that a proposal has been funded is typically received in G&C Office although on occasion the PI may be notified directly.

Notice of Award should be forwarded to G&C Office for review, signature and processing.

G&C Review of Terms and Conditions

Before accepting an award on behalf of Skoltech, G&C reviews all award terms and conditions and is responsible for negotiates appropriate remedies for the following conditions

  • contains provisions that are incompatible with Skoltech policies
  • fails to include all elements agreed upon prior to the award
  • requires modification to conform to the Principal Investigator’s needs
  • includes non-standard patent and/or licensing terms
  • conform to regulatory compliance standards

In the case of non-standard patent, copyright or licensing terms, the Skoltech Knowledge Transfer Office must also approve the award terms. The G&C Office will consult with KLO on an as-needed basis.

Action Memo

When the notice of grant award and related terms and conditions are accepted by Skoltech, the Project Investigator (PI) receives an Memo from G&C, which provides information about the Award (e.g. Period of performance, award amount, etc).

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